Our Services


Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Plans, Plant Material Installation, Landscaping Bed Installation

Just built your house? Been in your house for 20 years? Need a fresh landscape plan for your property? We've got you covered. We can design a plan for your space and install it for you. Whether you just need a few more trees or a whole plan for your entire property we can customize a plan for you.

Lawn Care

Mowing, Trimming, Aerating, Grass Seeding, Laying Sod

Offering commercial quality lawn care including mowing, trimming, and most importantly clean up. We also offer turf solutions – most popularly aerating and overseeding for a more full and lush lawn.



Patio Installation, Paver/Natural Stone Installation, Patio Repair, Wall Installation

Ready for your dream patio to be put in this year? Jake’s specialty is hardscape design and installation. He takes pride in installing hardscapes the right way. Many patios using paving stones or natural stones are installed with an incorrect base – the original end result looks the same, but after even a few months the stones begin to shift and the patio falls apart. Jake ensures that the installation will be long lasting. Other services offered include natural stone pathways, paver repair work, wall installation, sloped yard solutions, staircases, and more.

Spring Cleanup

Shrub Trimming, Bed Edging, Bed Cleanup, Mulching, Annual Installation

Your landscaping has probably not been touched in months. Let us come by and spruce it up. Services include but are not limited to: planting annuals, leaf cleanup, pruning shrubs, pulling weeds, removing dead plant material, trimming trees, edging beds, window well clean out, mulching, and much more!


Fall Cleanup

Gutter clean out, Leaf Cleanup & Removal, Shrub Trimming

Now that the growing season is over, your beds are full of crunchy plants and leaves are everywhere! We can come by to take away all of the dead plant material and leaves from your beds and yard. Services typically offered include ornamental grass trimming, dead head perennials, shrub trimming, gutter clean out, window well clean out, leaf cleanup from beds, and leaf cleanup from lawn.

Drainage Solutions

Do you have trouble with water spots in your yard? Sump pump not draining properly? Even water coming through your basement windows? Unfortunately, these are common problems especially with newer homes built close together, or older homes with roots and debris stuck in drainage pipes. We take the time to thoroughly investigate the issues you’re having and come together to make a plan to solve the problem. Often times this involves running downspouts further out into the yard, rather than rainwater standing at your foundation; grading around foundation; window well installation or replacement; French drain installation; replacing old pipe; and custom solutions.

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Property Management, HOA, Industrial Park, Cellular Towers

All of our services are also offered to commercial clients. We work with many Homeowners Associations, banks, industrial park clients, retirement communities, national property management companies, and others. We also specialize in plant installations for Cellular Towers throughout the Midwest. We carry nationally recognized insurance able to meet higher insurance requirements for large jobs and can work with local governmental units to determine permittance and ensure regulatory compliance.